I am a multidisciplinary designer from the Czech Republic with more than 10 years of experience in digital agencies and freelancing.

In the course of previous years, I gained experience in several fields – UX, UI, branding, and strategy. I worked for international clients such as SKODA Auto or the biggest Czech Bank, but I'm also still helping my friends to grow their business. As an interaction designer my strongest skill has always been at user interfaces but lately, I have been focusing more and more on brand and strategy.

We all know that being a great designer isn't only about how you draw rectangles and picking the right font. It's about overall attitude, communication and responsibility. So why you should consider me?

I have technical background

I know web and mobile (iOS, Android) standards and their limitations. I've been working with developers for almost 10 years. This skill has been essential for me in digital product development.

I am multidisciplinary

Thanks to my experience in several fields, I am able to oversee to all phases of a project. From research, design, execution, analysis to future improvements. Due to that I’ve started to focus more on products and strategy.

I care

I am trying to understand others whether it is a client or developers. I was always asking my colleagues what we, as designers, could do for them to work better together. 

I honor teamwork

I was grateful I could be part of a team where we could share our knowledge and ideas to push each others.

I appreciate feedbacks

Be able to get or give a feedback is one of the most important assets for designers to grow.

I simplify

I seek for clever solutions which make designs easier to use or save time and money.

I do mistakes

But I always try to take a lesson from it, move on and enjoy the work

I am practical

I collect feedbacks early and I try to release the first version of a product for end users as soon as possible.